HCP Sense founded by EXIST

Smart bearings without sensors -
Measuring bearing loads

HCP Sense provides a simple and economical solution for measuring bearing loads and monitoring lubricant condition.

Your benefits:

  • Easy integration into any new machinery program
  • Easy retrofitting into existing machinery
  • Low engineering effort due to installation space neutrality
  • Low complexity
  • High economic efficiency
  • Unique selling proposition regarding your end customers
More information about the functionality of the sensor bearing in the following video

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Wälzlager Technik von HCP Sense

New Machinery Solutions

You can exploit the advantages of our smart bearings in your own machinery or improve the customer benefit of your machinery program.  Our sensor bearings provide you with data for predictive maintenance, digital business models and the optimization of manufacturing processes.

HCP Sense's smart sensor bearing can be installed in your new machinery to measure the applied loads and monitor the lubrication. Due to the fact that our sensor bearing has the same dimensions as a conventional bearing, no costly re-engineering is required. Only holes for electrical contacting have to be added. This way, we enable you to simply digitize your product portfolio and offer your customers added value. 

HCP Sense als Engineering-Dienstleister

Engineering Services

Technical expertise coupled with unique measurement technology is our key competence. Consequently, we would like to support you in the development process and in the analysis of your existing products and machines.

We offer tailored engineering services by measuring and analyzing bearing loads in your machines and test setups. We provide you with knowledge about applied bearing loads and thus a deeper insight into a machine. Thereby we assist you in finding weak points or in optimizing your machinery and processes. Our service includes project planning, installation as well as execution and evaluation of measurements.

Retrofiting Solutions  

Maintain your existing and proven machinery, and still benefit from the advantages of digitalization - our sensor bearing provides load and lubricant data without costly re-engineering.

The sensor bearing from HCP Sense has identical dimensions as a conventional bearing. It can therefore be simply installed in existing machines as a retrofit solution, where it monitors applied loads as well as lubricant condition. Only holes for electrical contact must be provided on the bearing seat. By integrating our smart bearings into your existing machinery, we enable you to digitalize your machinery and collect the data you need - for predictive maintenance, to optimize your production processes, or for your own individual requirements.


Contact us today to discuss potential use cases!

Ansgar Thilmann HCP Sense Gründer

Ansgar Thilmann – Cofounder

You are also welcome to call us at +49 163 1310965 📱


Dr. Georg Martin HCP Sense Gründer

Dr. Georg Martin

Mechanical Engineer |  Founder

Georg develops algorithms that process raw sensor data into customer-relevant information. As a mechanical engineer, he understands your specific challenges and is therefore responsible for your customer applications alongside with Tobias.

Sarah Wicker HCP Sense Gründerin

Sarah Wicker

Electrical Engineer |        Founder

Our electrical engineering expert Sarah is there to assist you when it comes to electronics and firmware. She develops the interfaces needed for impedance measurement and system integration. She is also responsible for our MEMS architectures.

Tobias Schirra HCP Sense Gründer

Dr. Tobias Schirra

Mechanical Engineer | Founder

Tobias is your contact when it comes to the electrical characteristics of rolling bearings. He works for you on improving measurement accuracy and on force modeling. In addition, he develops customer applications.

Ansgar Thilmann HCP Sense Gründer

Ansgar Thilmann

Mechanical Engineer | Founder

If you would like to significantly increase the customer benefit of your products with the help of our sensor bearings, Ansgar will be happy to advise you. In addition to administrative management and sales, he is primarily responsible for operational and process-related topics.

About HCP Sense

HCP Sense Gründer

The development of our smart bearings is based on research concerning the electrical properties of rolling bearings carried out by the Institute of Product Development and Machine Elements at the Technical University of Darmstadt. In this context, a measuring technique was invented and patented which determines loads and lubrication conditions in rolling bearings based on the electrical impedance. Since the inherent electrical properties of the bearing are used, no additional sensor technology needs to be integrated into the bearing, so no additional installation space is required.

The startup HCP Sense is a spin-off of the TU Darmstadt and has been funded by the EXIST research transfer program since 2021. Currently, prototypes are used and tested in various customer applications under real conditions. Please feel free to contact us to discuss potential cooperations and use cases of our smart bearings!

HCP Sense founded by EXIST