Measuring bearing loads.
Monitoring lubrication.
Preventing damages.

About us

HCP Sense is a spin-off of the TU Darmstadt and has been funded by the EXIST research transfer funding program since 2021. We develop solutions for measuring the condition of force and lubrication of rolling bearings. We provide our customers with valuable data that helps avoid energy loss, predict maintenance needs and prevent failures

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Our vision

We enable our customers to build “even better” – i.e. more efficient and reliable – machines or to operate them more optimally.

Our mission

We offer our customers an innovative product that is based on a highly innovative technical solution that also delivers measurable benefits.

Our values

We focus first and foremost on you – our customers. That’s why we set ourselves the goal of increasing your availability, enhancing your security and reducing your costs.

Bild von dem Messbox von HCP Sense, das das Software für die Messung von Schmierungszuständen und Kräften von Wälzlagern zuständig ist

Dozens of customers are already using our sensor-based predictive maintenance and condition monitoring systems.

The development of our sensor bearings is based on research into the electrical properties of rolling bearings. Our measuring method which is patented, was developed based on the electrical impedance to determine the load and lubrication conditions in roller bearings. Since the inherent electrical properties of the bearing itself are being used, no additional sensor hardware has to be integrated, so that no additional installation space is required.

We are working hard to transform HCP Sense into a company that sets the standard in machine and process quality monitoring, thus becoming the leading IIoT bearing provider.

Our high-quality “plug and play” product is particularly easy to assemble and use. This way, the unpredictable becomes predictable and damages can be avoided effortlessly.

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HCP Sense offers a simple solution for measuring the forces acting directly in the machine, thus enabling the monitoring of the production processes.
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We help you improve your efficiency and hence, optimise your operating strategy