Measuring rolling bearing forces.
Monitoring lubrication.
About us

HCP Sense is a spin-off of the TU Darmstadt and has been funded by the EXIST research transfer funding program since 2021. We develop solutions for measuring the condition of force and lubrication of rolling bearings. We provide our customers with valuable data that help them avoid energy loss, predict maintenance and prevent failures. Dozens of customers are already using our sensor-based predictive maintenance and condition monitoring systems.

The development of our sensor bearings is based on research into the electrical properties of rolling bearings. Our measuring method which is patented was developed based on the electrical impedance to determine the load and lubrication conditions in roller bearings. Since the inherent electrical properties of the bearing are being used, no additional sensor hardware has to be integrated into the bearing, so that no additional installation space is required.

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Our vision

Together we want to build a future in which intelligent machines and smart engineering are the standard. HCP Sense aims to become the leading IIoT bearing provider. We are working hard to transform HCP Sense into a company that’s sets the standard in the machine and process quality monitoring. And thus also make our company the leading IIoT bearing provider.

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With our sensor bearings we want to give our customers an easy access to the benefits of predictive maintenance and condition monitoring

What is our passion?

We want to offer our customers an innovative product that is not only based on a sophisticated technical solution, but also carries enormous benefits.

Our high-quality “plug and play” product is particularly easy to assemble and use. In this way, the unpredictable become predictable and damage can be avoided without great effort.

Our focus is on you – our customers. That’s why we’ve set ourselves the goal of increasing your machine-utilization capacity and technical security while reducing your costs.

Our Team

hcp sense team member and cofounder Georg Martin

Georg Martin, PhD

Founder, Mechanical

Georg develops the algorithms with which the raw sensor data is processed into customer-relevant information. As a mechanical engineer, he understands your challenges and is together with Tobias Schirra is responsible for your customer application.

hcp sense cofounder sarah wicker

Sarah Wicker

Founder, Electrical

Our electrical engineering expert Sarah is there for you when it comes to electronics and firmware. She develops the interfaces required for impedance measurement and system integration. She is also responsible for our MEMS architectures.

hcp sense team member and cofounder tobias schirra

Tobias Schirra, PhD

Founder, Mechanical

Tobias is your contact when it comes to the electrical properties of rolling bearings. He works for you on increasing the measurement accuracy and on the theoretical models for force measurement. In addition, he develops customer applications.

hcp sense team member and cofounder ansgar thilmann

Ansgar Thilmann

Founder, Mechanical

If you would like to significantly increase the customer benefit of your products with the help of our sensor bearing, Ansgar will be happy to advise you. In addition to commercial management and marketing, he is primarily responsible for operational and procedural resposibilities.

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You are interested in improving your processes together with us?

Solve your R&D challenges with our unique measurement technology and the support of our bearing experts

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