Measuring bearing loads.
Monitoring lubrication.
Preventing damages.
Pillow block
The HCP Sense pillow block with integrated LubSecure technology enables you to continuously monitor the lubrication in your pillow block bearings.
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Measurement as a Service
With our technology, you can monitor lubrication directly in your products, prototypes and test stands during operation. Thus, you can be able to draw conclusions for optimisation with regard to load capacity and durability.
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Individual solutions
No additional - and therefore vulnerable - sensors, just use the existing bearing. Failures are no longer just predicted, but prevented.
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HCP Sense

is the first manufacturer to offer an economical sensor solution for real-time collection of crucial data for process monitoring and predictive maintenance. The sensor measures and analyzes the load and the lubrication condition of rolling bearings.

Our unique technology lets your standard bearing turn into a sensor!

Our products are already being implemented for various customer applications and successful test phases have been completed.

Our sensor does not require any design changes: it is a non-invasive measurement method for measuring loads and lubrication in rolling bearings.

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"The innovative method developed by HCP Sense GmbH for electrical impedance measurement on roller bearings, can make a tremendous improvement in the operation of roller bearings in the future. "
Ein Photo von Prof. Dr. -Ing. Stephan Sommer
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Sommer
THWS Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

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The reality of bearing monitoring today

Cause of damage - unknown

Measurements on the test bench often do not reflect the real application. Thus, the causes of roller bearing damage often remains unknown.

High costs and reconstruction efforts

Conventional force sensors are difficult to integrate into machines and require hardware adjustments. This in turn is associated with a long project duration and high costs.

Loss of energy

20 % of global energy consumption is lost through friction. Taking Germany as an example, this equates to the electricity generated by all coal-fired power stations. One reason for this is losses due to incorrect lubrication.

Our solution

The HCP Sense sensor monitors forces, lubrication and damage in bearings by measuring electrical impedance.

Our technology works with any bearing, from small deep groove ball bearings to plain bearings and spherical roller bearings for heavy industry.

The processing and visualisation of the data is customer-specific. There is no “one size fits all” here, because every application deserves an individually optimised data analysis.

Explained in 1 Minute

The challenges of our customers are our opportunity

Determinate the actual load and lubrication

Predict remaining lifespan

Optimisation of the operating strategy

Protect machinery and improve quality

Optimisation of the operating strategy

Reduce energy consumption while fighting climate change

Improve configuration

Reduce energy consumption while fighting climate change

Validate simulation models

Prevent bearing damage and save maintenance costs

Simple and economical:
our sensor is the best integrable solution for your system.

With HCP Sense technology you get the following advantages:


Low construction effort

Easy integration into both existing and new machinery programs

Damage prevention instead of just damage prediction

Increase availability and efficiency in all types of processes. Increase in machine and plant safety

Low engineering effort

The use of standard bearings does not change the basic design

Low complexity

Only the electrical contacting must be integrated. Basically, a thin cable with a tip is laid

High economic efficiency

Reduce costs by preventing damage and extending lubrication intervals

Increased quality

By monitoring lubrication conditions and loads

What differentiates us

No design changes

From standard bearing to sensor

Stationary measurement technology

Our products
Solve your R&D challenges with our unique measurement technology and the support of our bearing experts