Measuring rolling bearing forces.
Monitoring lubrication.

TPM Magazine Writes About HCP Sense

tpm magazine

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In addition to many exciting reports – for example on digital shop floor management at Siemens Mobility – our sensor bearing has also made it into the current issue of TPM Magazin. Under the title “After Lean comes Green – TPM as the basis for sustainability”, future technologies, practical examples and users are reported on. In an interview, Ansgar Thilmann reports on how he ended up in the commercial sector as a mechanical engineer, what the use of data information from a roller bearing can be and what makes the HCP Sense sensor bearing a simple and economical solution.

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Winner Of The TU Idea Competition 2021

In discussions with our customers, it is easy for us to convey the special features of our measurement technology and the unique benefits – continuous #lubrication-level monitoring and #force measurement in the roller bearing (almost)

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