Measuring rolling bearing forces. Monitoring lubrication.


Predictive maintenance

Prevent damage

Today's condition monitoring systems detect damage only after it has occurred. They cannot prevent damage. At best, they give sufficient advance warning time to plan maintenance work without incurring high downtime costs. In many cases, however, the warning time is too short to take effective action.

With the HCP Sense sensor bearing, two crucial improvements are possible that go far beyond mere condition monitoring. Firstly, lubrication-related bearing damage can be prevented by monitoring lubrication. Secondly, the sensor bearing provides the exact load data that is currently lacking for Remaining Useful Lifetime calculations, allowing early prediction of load-related damage. These two changes cover a large proportion of bearing damage; for machine tools, for example, 50% of damage is due to inadequate lubrication and 30% of damage is due to load events.

Condition Monitoring

Produce at the limit, but never above it

With process force monitoring, you produce at the limit, but never above it!

For many production processes, the acting forces are decisive quality parameters. From the pretensioning force of a belt drive to the process forces of a machining process: The forces acting in the machine give a deep insight into the process taking place.

Today, however, these forces cannot be measured economically, because the design effort for the integration of force sensors is too high. HCP Sense offers a simple solution to measure the forces acting in the machine directly at the point of action and thus monitor manufacturing processes. Your advantages:

  • Increase the availability of the manufacturing process
  • Increase machine and plant safety
  • Increase efficiency in all kinds of processes (manufacturing, transport ...)
  • Improve the quality of your products
  • Cost reduction due to higher volume output, less scrap, less downtime and longer tool life
  • Early detection of wear
  • Predictive maintenance



Expert knowledge combined with unique measurement technology

Whether in the field or on the test rig, in the development process or in the analysis of existing products - use the expertise of our rolling bearing experts coupled with our unique sensor bearing measurement technology to solve your engineering challenges.

We will be happy to work with you to analyze rolling bearings and process forces in your machines and your test setups. We provide you with a deeper understanding of the acting forces, load peaks, vibrations and disturbances in your machines. This helps to find weak points and to optimize machines and processes. Our service includes project planning, installation, implementation, evaluation of measurements, training of your employees and technical consulting.

  • We work with you to prevent design-related and operational failures, malfunctions and downtimes, early in the development process or after commissioning by adapting the operating strategy
  • Overdimensioned bearings due to missing load data are a thing of the past
  • Increase the efficiency of your machines by operating them in the optimal operating range
  • Improve your eco-balance by reducing energy consumption and lubricant usage