Measuring rolling bearing forces.
Monitoring lubrication.

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Force measurement

HCP Sense sensors collect data on lubrication and wear level as well as on the forces acting on the bearing.

Lubrication film monitoring

We support not only the design, but also the continuous process monitoring.

Condition monitoring

HCP Sense condition monitoring sensor bearings can prevent bearing damage.


We support you in the development process and in the evaluation of existing products and machinery.

Sensor bearing without a sensor: Measuring forces in a space-neutral manner

Use the benefits of our product directly, or improve the customer value of your products. We offer you data for predictive maintenance, digital business models and process optimization in manufacturing.

HCP Sense’s sensor bearing can be installed in your new machines to measure the acting forces and monitor lubrication internally. Since our sensor bearing has the same dimensions as a conventional bearing, no costly redesigns are necessary. Only drillings for the electrical contacting have to be provided. In this way, we enable you to quickly and easily acquire the necessary data to digitize your product portfolio and provide your customers with additional benefits.

Force measurement

HCP Sense sensors collect data on lubrication, wear and the forces acting on the bearing. This creates a number of potential benefits: 

  • Prevention of unplanned downtime
  • Reduction of the risk of production downtime
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Detecting bearing wear-off
  • Preventing bearing failure through lubrication monitoring
  • Condition monitoring of the entire plant, based on bearing forces (unbalance, alignment, …)
  • Monitoring of production processes, based on bearing forces
  • Detection of leakage

Retrofitting solutions

Maintain your existing and proven machinery and still benefit from the advantages of digitalization – our sensor bearing makes it possible to record load and lubricant data economically and without costly conversions.

The sensor bearing from HCP Sense has the same dimensions as a conventional bearing. It can therefore be easily installed in existing machines as a retrofit measure and monitor the forces, as well as the lubricant condition.  Only drillings for electrical contacting have to be provided on the bearing seat. By integrating our bearing into your existing machine, we enable you to digitize your machinery and collect the data you need for predictive maintenance, to optimize your production processes, or for your own individual challenges.

Condition monitoring

With HCP Sense’s condition monitoring sensor bearing, bearing damage to machines and plants can be prevented by monitoring lubrication and forces.

Conventional condition monitoring systems in machines and plants only detect damage after it has occurred. However, they cannot prevent damage. With the HCP Sense sensor bearing, bearing damage can be prevented by monitoring the lubrication and the acting forces. Hence, the failure of the rolling bearing can be predicted at an early stage. Condition monitoring systems are an important part of automation and Industry 4.0.

Wear and lubrication film monitoring

Make lubrication audits superfluous in the future through continuous monitoring of lubrication directly in the bearing! 

The lubrication of rolling bearings may seem trivial at first. But on closer inspection, a lot of potential is wasted here. There are thousands of lubricants, each with its own advantages. At the same time, the correct filling quantity must be selected – too little, and wear goes too much, and efficiency drops and the energy consumption of the machine rises accordingly.

Here, we provide support with our unique technology with which we turn the rolling bearing itself into the lubrication sensor. Not only do we help with the design, but also with the continuous monitoring, if needed. Monitoring the lubrication film, the quality of the lubricant, and whether a sufficient quantity is present are also part of our service. In addition, we can determine the exact disengagement speed or the disengagement point, so that you can always design and run your machine as bearing-friendly as possible.

Design of rolling bearings

We help you in the development process of your machines to design the bearings.

Whether dynamically or statically loaded, we support mechanical engineers in the dimensioning of rolling bearings. We take into account factors such as temperature, lubrication, forces, vibrations, and torque.

Engineering services

Expertise combined with unique measurement technology is our strength. Therefore, we can support you in the development process and in the analysis of existing products and machines.

We can record and analyze bearing forces in your machines and your test setups directly at your site. We provide you with knowledge about the acting forces, and thus provide a deeper insight into your machine. Hence, we help you to find weak points, as well as optimize your machine and your processes. Our service includes project planning, installation, as well as carrying out and evaluating the measurements.

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