Measuring rolling bearing forces.
Monitoring lubrication.

HCP Sense at the Procter & Gamble Sustainability Summit

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This week we had the pleasure to present HCP Sense at the Procter & Gamble Sustainability Summit at the Innovation Center in Kronberg.

A good opportunity to get in touch with P&G and other participants and to explore potential partnerships. It was particularly important for Ansgar Thilmann to explain how we reduce the energy consumption of industrial plants through optimally monitored lubrication and increase service life and thus sustainability through predictive maintenance.
We would be delighted to accelerate P&G’s journey to achieving #NetZero.

Many thanks to Marc Verelst, Maja Borowska & Angélique Terrien and the entire team at P&G for inviting us!
Thanks also for the constructive exchange to the representatives of the many companies present (WattEV, Inc.Volvo GroupSAPChargeXSenseING GmbHAB InBevWRS Energie + Druckluft GmbHBASFbpDAF Trucks NV, … )

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