Measuring rolling bearing forces.
Monitoring lubrication.
Sensor bearing without a sensor
Use the benefits of our product directly or improve the
customer value of your products. We offer you data for
predictive maintenance, digital business models and
the optimization of manufacturing processes.
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Condition Monitoring
With our condition monitoring sensor bearing,
bearing damage to machinery and equipment
can be prevented by monitoring lubrication
and forces.
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Expertise combined with unique measurement
technology is our strength. That is why we can
support you in the development process and
in the analysis of existing products and machines.
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HCP Sense

is the first manufacturer to offer an economical sensor solution for real-time collection of crucial data for process monitoring and predictive maintenance. The sensor measures and analyzes the load and the lubrication condition of rolling bearings.

Our unique technology lets your standard bearing turn into a sensor!

HCP Sense

Our products are already being implemented for various customer applications and successful test phases have been completed.

Our sensor does not require any design changes: it is a non-invasive measurement method for measuring loads and lubrication in rolling bearings.

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The reality of bearing monitoring today

Cause of damage - unknown

Measurements on the test bench often do not reflect the real application. Thus, the causes of roller bearing damage often remains unknown.

High costs and reconstruction efforts

Conventional force sensors are difficult to integrate into machines and require hardware adjustments. This in turn is associated with a long project duration and high costs.

Loss of energy

Globally, 20% of energy is lost in friction. Applied to Germany, that would be the size of all coal-fired power plants. One reason for this is inefficient lubrication.

Our solution

The challenges of our customers are our opportunity

Determining the actual load and lubrication level

Predictive maintenance with HCP Sense - Our product enables timely condition-based lubricant replacement, helping to prevent failures and downtime.

Reduce energy consumption while fighting climate change

Our sensor bearing enables the friction condition of the roller bearings to be measured and thus determines the current energy consumption. As a result, it enables our customers to save energy.

Optimization of the operational strategy

Our solution offers quick and effective results. These are only some of the multiple benefits for your business, such as cost reduction and quality increase.

Simple and economical:
our sensor is the integrable solution for your system.

With HCP Sense technology  you get the following advantages:

Low construction effort

Easy integration into both existing and new machinery programs

damage prevention instead of just damage prediction

Increase availability and efficiency in all types of processes. Increase in machine and plant safety

Low engineering effort

The use of standard bearings does not change the basic design. ​

Low complexity

Only the electrical contacting must be integrated. Basically, a thin cable with a tip is laid.

High economic efficiency

Reduce costs by preventing damage and extending lubrication intervals

Increased quality

by monitoring lubrication conditions and loads

What differentiates us



from standard bearing to sensor

Our services

Sensor bearing without a sensor

Measurement of the acting forces and lubrication monitoring.

Design of rolling bearings

Support by the dimensioning of rolling bearings.

Process monitoring

Force measurement in rolling bearings of any kind and rotational speed and standstill monitoring devices

Predictive maintenance

Wear monitoring and damage diagnostics for the condition monitoring of plain and rolling bearings

Lubricant film monitoring

Lubrication analysis of plain and rolling bearings and monitoring of lubricant quality and quantity.​

Retrofitting solutions

Recording load and lubricant data economically without costly conversion.​

Condition monitoring

By monitoring lubrication and forces, bearing damage can be prevented.

Engineering services

Support in the development process and in the analysis of existing products and machines.

Solve your R&D challenges with our unique measurement technology and the support of our bearing experts